• The Kenyan Construction Industry and Tech

    The Kenyan Construction Industry and Tech

    One of the premier project proposals that I worked on in my university years was a brick laying robot. This robot had the ability to lay brick five times faster than the average human. We based our research on SAM 100 (Semi-Automated Mason), the brainchild of Construction Robotics. Sam can lay up to 400 bricks…

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  • African Startups Vs Startups in Africa

    African Startups Vs Startups in Africa

    Original Article published on VentureBurn. This is a slightly altered ‘Kenyan’ version. I get utterly distraught every time I open a new TechCrunch article of a start-up with a Swahili name disrupting a certain sphere of Africa only to find a foreigner founder and director. In a good case scenario, there will be one or…

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  • ‘Saving’ the Matatu Industry

    ‘Saving’ the Matatu Industry

    In the next few months, the government through the new parastatal Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority, NAMATA, will be implementing a BRT system on the Kenyan roads. This exercise will directly impact four counties namely: Nairobi City, Kiambu, Kajiado, Machakos and Murang’a. For years, the matatu industry has descended into chaos, making it the ultimate…

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  • The Survival of Posta

    The Survival of Posta

    As the technological revolution continues, the life of any company or governmental institution is dependent on its ability to evolve with new technology. The willingness of the executives to redefine the business model and adjust to new market needs is one of the most important strengths. The biggest lesson today is that no company can…

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  • Hello World!

    Hello World!

    If you’re reading this, then I guess my first mission is accomplished! Who am I? My name is Annstella Mumbi and I have dedicated my life’s work to the synergy of community development and technology. Being an engineer and community developer, I believe technology and especially IoT, should be used to make everyday life and…

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