• Redefining and Understanding my ‘Africanness’ in 2018 Part Two: The Understanding and The Hope

    This is a continuation of the first piece. 2. Tanzania: The Understanding — What is African. With all that was going through my mind about past African kingdoms, colonization and modern African society, I was clearly seeking a better understanding of everything. We are constantly taught that being African and being modern cannot co-exist. This was a major…

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  • The Startup Revolution is Coming…

    For years the startup world has been saying this. Change has not been immediate but then again, change never is. I have observed an amazing trend over the past two years, one unlike the situation five years ago. This has been so rampant that I decided to make it my first blog of the year.…

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  • Redefining and Understanding my ‘Africanness’ Today Part 1: The Realization

    Redefining and Understanding my ‘Africanness’ Today Part 1: The Realization

      Originally published on Cast in Africa on medium. At just 24, I have been fortunate enough to have lived and worked with communities in three East African countries besides Kenya; Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda. I acknowledge that this is not common for many people my age, for which I am ever grateful. These experiences have…

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  • Startups as a Science

    Startups as a Science

    Building and growing a startup is a science. This is probably something you have heard before. Entities like Y-Combinator have proven this time and time again. However, this still leaves the question, is this true for African startups and better yet, what does this even mean? So how did this come up now? I was…

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  • It’s About Time

    It’s About Time

    Roughly two months ago, I came back to Nairobi ready to embark on work in the operations team of a visionary local startup. This generally meant spending every waking moment researching the local tech startup ecosystem. My knowledge of the Kenyan startup scope is tied to my five years of university in one of the…

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  • Let’s Go…Twende!

    Let’s Go…Twende!

    Original Article published on Medium, Cast in Africa.  What do you think of when you hear the term innovation? Is it drones, 3D printing, robots, mobile applications or any other forms of technology being implemented to simplify day-to-day activities? A few days ago, I was no different and would have echoed the same thoughts. However,…

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